Daily Satisfaction – Porter Robinson Impresses with ‘Divinity’

22 year old EDM prodigy Porter Robinson released his new album ‘Worlds’ this time last week to public applaud, even from those hoping for more hard style electro from the man who gave us ‘Spitfire’. To celebrate ‘Worlds’ I wanted to share my favourite tracks from the album (excluding ‘Sad Machine’ which everyone has already heard I hope!).

1. ‘Divinity’, which I believe is the next single, is another perfect example of the style that Robinson has worked to forge, first shown in ‘Sad Machine’. It is airy, uplifting, showcases wonderful vocals from Amy Millan and has amazing production value.

Click ‘continue reading’ to listen to 3 other standout tracks from the album.


2. ‘Goodbye to a World’, the finale of the album employs small elements from previous songs, including the bit-crushed vocal sound from ‘Sad Machine’, to finish the album on a high.

3. ‘Natural Light’ is more an intermission than a track in its own right, weighing in at 2 minutes 21 seconds, but this largely ambient track showcases Robinsons finesse in creating soundscapes.

4. ‘Fresh Static Snow’ takes a bit of patience to get into, the first minute or so could be much shortened, but the rest of the track makes up for it and more.


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