Interview with Furniteur

 A few posts ago we found this really cool song by fueniteur. Luckily we got the chance to interview her

1. How long have you been making music

I didn’t start making music until grad school in NYC and even then it was more abstractly messing with sounds and sourcing bits and pieces from old disco records I would find at the thrift store. Back then, visual art was still my main focus and music was more in the background- influencing my paintings more than vice versa.

I was finally able to achieve some cohesion musically when I started working Brett on their recent LP. I started off doing their artwork and ended up working with them and singing on the track “Glass Hearts”. They, specifically Kevin Bayly and Mike Toohey who produced the Furniteur EP,  helped me solidify a lot of the ideas I had been toying with.

2. What program do you use

We do most recording on Logic and Ableton depending on how the track started. I like using Garage band on my laptop just to demo vocals

3. How did you get into music

My dad loves Funk and Soul and had a pretty great record collection.  We had an empty room growing up that should have been the formal living room but ended up containing nothing more than a rug and a baby grand piano… so I would just put on my dads records and dance. It was such a great space and it cultivated my imagination and my love of music. Later when I started writing, I kind of drew on that experience of freedom.

I also went to undergrad in New Orleans, where people are just born with music in their soul. I think it was part of what drew me in to that city and what kept me in love with music.

4. Fav plugin

Tal-u-no LX – it is the closest thing I can find to a Juno 60 without spending the $$$

5. Top 5 artists at the moment

-Holy Ghost

-The Flirts / Anything Bobby Orlando

-Hercules and Love Affair



6. If you had to make a movie about your life what would be the intro sound

The intro to Wagner’s “Tristan and Isolde -Prelude “

7. Where do you want to go with your music

I really just want to keep the fire burning!

And Ibiza.

8. If you could perform at any festival what would it be? Why?

JazzFest! Because I love New Orleans and will never pass up a chance to visit. But I love festivals and honestly would love to play any of them.

9. Whats your fav food

This may be the most difficult question of the bunch….

but I guess Chips are my ultimate. All kinds of chips- except the Cappuccino flavored Lays that I recently tried, those were just too weird.


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