Interview with La+ch

We recently linked up with canadian artist La+ch based in toronto whose latest song ‘Nights‘ caught our attention. We chatted with him about music, inspiration, programs, Canada and the band name.

How did you come up with the name La + ch?

I am a believer of holiness; however when I got kicked out the church I chopped the end of the cross off. still am a believer but didn’t appreciate/respect how I got degraded from the CHURCH. La+ch is also an automation term in producing because i like to use a stifling amount of automation.

How did you get into music/ how long have you been Producing for?

I’v Been makin music for many years, been woodshedding on drums & piano, but not until recently have I started to sing. Im really into melodies. some would say I’m not much of a WORDIST, more of a melody boy.

Who are the artists that influence your music the most?

Buddy Rich, Dr. Luke, Oliver, Flume.

What’s your favorite program to use/ favorite plugin?

I produce on Logic Pro 9 & Logic Pro X. FAV plugin is TROAT cuz it sounds more PONZI.

What’s it like producing in Canada compared to other countries? Do you find it challenging ever?

not really sure I kinda just vibe in my own room and/or create in my studio at sideways. Producing nowadays is pretty sick cuz you can do it anywhere. Toronto has a lot of people who need BEATS so that’s KOSHER.

Favorite city in Canada to play in?


If you could have a club residency anywhere in the world where would it be?

Prob some weird VEGASish type place or somewhere where a casino is near by.

Hope you enjoyed the interview and here are some more songs from la+ch



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