Interview – Kizmet

Recently stumbled upon a Kizmet Song called daydreamer which we all really liked. Luckily Kizmet wanted to do an interview with us so here are some questions we asked!

Q1. When did you start making music?

“About 7 years ago, towards the end of 2006, my cousin introduced me to Sony Acid 5… Or 6, I don’t remember exactly haha. I spent a good month on it, totally obsessed with making anything that sounded somewhat musical with any samples I could find! Eventually I stumbled across Fruity Loops after searching through some music production blogs. That’s when I truly started to realize just how endless and amazing the world of sounds and production were. I was hooked!”

Q2. How do you start a new track?

“I never start a song knowing its direction, so usually by finding a sound that sparks an image or scene in my head of anything ethereal. From there, it just depends on how I’m feeling as to how I start, so I try to use that to my advantage and start off a different way each time, that way I know it’ll come out unique to the song before it.”

Q3. What program do you use?

“I use FL Studio 10. Its fantastic! So easy to quickly throw down ideas and keep the flow feels flowing.”

Q4. Top 5 artists at the moment?

“That’s a tough one! But in no order,
Daisuke Tanabe
Com Truise
Caravan Palace”

Q5. If you could play any festival where would you play?

“I would love to play somewhere like Coachella someday. It seems to be able to catch the perfect mood and setting for just about all its artists. However right now, Splendor in the Grass for sure! I think the laid back/care free feel is something unrivaled worldwide.”

Q6. What’s your favourite plugin?

“Another difficult call, but probably Absynth for its ‘other worldly’ and just out right strange sounds it can create. I love it!”

Q7. Why the name Kizmet?

“I wanted a name that reflected the purpose and image of the music. Something that made the listening experience a little deeper for the audience. Kizmet (originally spelt ‘kismet) means inevitable fate or destiny, a tone I try to portray in all of my music.
In a nutshell I guess its that sense of ‘whatever this right now, this is it, so let go and come along for the ride’ haha.”



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