Daily Satisfaction – Hayden Calnin – Ultra-Beast

Australian singer/songwriter Hayden Calnin is a self-produced musician who is passionate about his music; since receiving a guitar at age fourteen, Hayden hasn’t gone a single day without playing it. His determination to push himself sonically as well as artistically has helped him gain international acclaim, including sync placements on numerous USA TV shows such as Suits, Parenthood,Teen Wolf and the UK and Japanese trailers for recently Oscar-nominated, Room.

Hayden’s new single Ultra-Beast is a folktronic euphonious track with the overall tone resembling work from celebrated artists including Dawn Golden and Bon Iver. The song begins softly with a synthesized clap that continues throughout the piece-highlighting Hayden’s diversity in the arrangement of his music. The piece edges towards the more electronic side, resembling sounds from The XX. Moreover, the production of Ultra-Beast is comparable to that of Dawn Golden and M83. Hayden incorporates the ethereal sound and a rich use of reverb, which combined with his impassioned vocals, creates a beautifully delicate piece of music. The vocal delivery from Hayden has been compared to the sound of Foals singer Yannis Philippakisin their track Give It All.

Hayden was recently described by Stereogum as a folktronic artist that specializes in lush, spacious, genre-bending excursions. More could be said of this new single; however there is a notable switch in songwriting here from the trademark, leftfield arrangements of Hayden Calnin, to a single which should reach a different audience with a wider reach.

To explain, this is partly down to co-producing the new record with Tim Carr (Matt Corby) and this new single is an apparent step towards what is to come over the coming months with Cut Love Pt 2 due for release 13th May.

Ultra-Beast exhibits Hayden’s classic spectrum of sound, whilst demonstrating the ability to assembling songs with a commercial arrangement and is taken from his upcoming record Cut Love Pt.2.

We are definitely looking forward to May 13th.



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