Daily Satisfaction – Kygo – Fragile (SAXITY ft. Mia V. Remix)

This time remixing their favourite already released track of Kygos highly anticipated new Album “Cloud Nine”. The natively melodic house driven duo from Cologne, Germany indeed got a little trendy on this one. However not intentionally aiming to try something new, their bump into future bass just happened and “it feels good not always being bond to a specific genre”.

A collaboration with the South African, Beirut based vocalist Mia V. was in line since their ways crossed during an Interview on the lebanese Radio but it took almost two years to finally come to live. Saxity proves again that they’re all about bridging the gap between live musicianship and electronic music to bring rawer musicality back on the dancefloor.



Daily Satisfaction – Brandon Skeie – So Bad (EDWYNN △ TIKAL x Spirix Remix)

Brand New Future House Remix!

Renowned SoundCloud and London-based tastemakers Aux London return with their latest premiere, an emotional, future-classic remix of songwriter Brandon Skeie’s, ‘So Bad’. 16 and 17 year old producers EDWYNN △ TIKAL & Spirix flex their talents through this remix by bringing together an ensemble of melodic chord progressions and dreamy landscapes.  On the process of creating this track, the young artists commented that they “were endlessly scouring SoundCloud and other streaming platforms for a track to remix that really touched us emotionally. As soon as we heard the incredible vocals of Brandon Skeie, we knew this was just the track.”

“Together we produced the remix just passing stems back and forth, each time adding our unique and signature additions to the remix. Brandon did such a great job with the writing and vocals of this track, we just hope to have added a future touch that really brings out the vocal’s maximum potential.’

Attention-getting euphoric bass bursts, chopped synth chorus, and the waves of energy in this future bass remix of ‘So Bad” will put it on the map for becoming an instant summer hit.


Daily Satisfaction – NAWAS – So Low

NAWAS, dangerously self-assured and shockingly frank, is here to rile you up. Marrying smooth, androgynous R&B vocals with rich instrumentals and tightly woven concept-based lyrics, NAWAS combines timeless sound with the hustle of newcomers. One listen and you instantly see their collective past, present, and future. It’s big, loud, and exactly what you’ve been waiting for.

Originally from Louisiana, NAWAS is now based in Nashville, Tennessee where members frequently collaborate with producer Sainte and songwriter Luke Foley. Influenced by the likes of Kayne West, Prince, D’Angelo, and Justin Timberlake and with a foundation that celebrates both classic songwriting and innovative production, NAWAS’ debut project is as smooth in the low end as it is tough when the beat kicks in.  It’s music most likely to blow out your speakers. It’s the soundtrack to that wild night you spent the entire next day coming to grips with. It’s uniquely NAWAS… here to remind you you’re alive and that sometimes, a little dirt under your fingernails is a badge of honor.

“So Low is a song about discovering life on a higher plan of existence and how the pathway to enlightenment may affect one’s relationship with God. It’s about seeing not only all the good, but also all the evil that has been created and asking God for an explanation.” – Jake Nawas