Satisfying Producer of the Month – TwoThirds

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Satisfying Sounds recently posted a track called One Look by a producer called LVTHER, after hearing it I decided to find more music by this LVTHER character only to quickly discover LVTHER is an alias of TwoThirds (real name Lewis Dransfield) , an amazing UK based EDM producer. After giving all his stuff a listen and loving it, I had to post TwoThirds as November’s Satisfying Producer of the Month. Hope you enjoy the MiniMix I made for this post as well.

At only 21 years old Dransfield has shown a proficiency in an large variety of genres and sounds (hopefully evidenced by the mix). With LVTHER showing us a more electro style sound, adding to an already impressive catologue of tracks which range from Ambient Electronica to liquid Drum & Bass I for one am very excited to hear what this talented individual will put out next no matter which name it’s under.

Check out TwoThirds’ Soundcloud here

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Satisfying Producer of the Month -Lido

LidoLido, a 21 year old Norwegian producer, has been impressing recently with his fusion of trap, electro and sick as fuck synths; They are akin to Flume or Cashmere Cat, perhaps not coincidentally as the latter is a close associate (click ‘continue reading’ for a video of the two playing live together in Oslo in 2012).

Real name Peder Losnegård, Lido began his music career as a hip hop artist, releasing free online mixtapes with Fairplay Entertainment in 2009. Over the ensuing years, while Peder continued to create hip hop and rap songs, elements of the sound he fully unleashed earlier this year can be heard; trap drums here, smooth synths there. We, and we assume anyone with functioning ears, are grateful he has turned his talents towards EDM.

Lido released his debut EP (featuring the track ‘I Love You’ linked above) on the 23rd July this year.

It’s awesome. Buy it. The Satisfying Sound Team.

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