Daily Satisfaction – Montgomery – Pinata (Japanese Wallpaper Remix)

Absolutely love the vocals in this song and ‘Japanese Wallpaper’ has created a great chilled remix using this! Give it a listen!



Throwback Thursday – 4hero: early pioneers of drum & bass

First Throwback Thursday, our attempt at sharing the amazing music of the founding fathers of modern day electronic music.

Marc Clair and Gus Laurence founded 4hero in 1989, along with their record label Reinforced Records. 4hero’s early music would go on to be a major influence on what would become drum & bass and breakbeat. Their album Two Pages had a major influence on broken beat music, which was evolving at the time, and was shortlisted for the 1998 Mercury Music Prize. Star Chasers, from Two Pages, is embedded below. For the title track from their seminal album Parallel Universe¬†click ‘continue reading’.



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