Interview – Vandelux

We have a new interview, this time with Vandelux. We were big fans of Wild Belle (Feat. Notorious B.I.G.) – Another Girl (Vandelux Remix) an thought we would try ask him some questions. Here they are:

1. How did you come up with the name vandelux?

Well, I live in Luxembourg (Lux), but I’m from Vancouver (Van). Vancouver is where I was raised, and where my family is, so that comes first. It also contains the letters of my first name. Not sure where the d came from.

2. When did you start making music?

My parents put me in piano lessons when I was about 6. I’m glad they did but hated it at the time. I was 6 or 7 when I wrote my first song, which was on the black keys of a piano. I remember playing it in front of a gymnasium of parents in grade 4 and being absolutely terrified. My piano teacher thought that I might be some young prodigy and entered the song into this young composers contest, which I didn’t even come close to winning. Story of my life. In high school I found Fruityloops and a trial version of Cool Edit Pro, which didn’t allow you to save anything longer than 1 minute. I would burn 59 second CDs and hand them out at school to people who would just question why the songs would end half way through the chorus. Soundcloud has made distribution a little easier.

I haven’t really done anything musically for about 10 years. Life got in the way. But it is amazing to now see how far DAWs have come since my days of Fruityloops and Cool Edit Pro. I’ve spent the last two months collecting software and hardware and pretty excited to be back at the drawing board.

3. What software do you use?
Ableton Live.

4. What’s your favourite plugin?
I haven’t explored plug-ins yet, outside of Hybrid and Twist 2, which came with an Akai MPK249 I purchased a few weeks back. Still trying to wrap my head around the Ableton Live essentials and still discovering something new every day.

5. What are your favourite song’s from the last 2 weeks?
The Chainsmokers – Roses
Sorcha Richardson – Petrol Station
Max Frost – Let Me Down Easy
Flume – Some Minds

6. Who are your favourite artists at the moment?
Mura Mesa, Chet Faker, Big Wild, Wild Belle, Major Lazer and BLU J.

7. What can we expect from you these upcoming months?
Variety. And hopefully some progression. I’m trying to find my place in this new digital music world after 10 years of hibernation. So I’m not really sure yet. But definitely more music.



Interview – The Chainsmokers

We are excited to have been able to ask The Chainsmokers a few questions. You can expect much more to come as they intend to release a new single each month for the foreseeable future. Make sure you check out their newest song (Roses) that we posted earlier this week. Check out the interview below!

Do either of you Chain Smoke?  Has ‘The Chainsmokers’ been your name throughout your time together making music?  

No we dont smoke ciggarettes but we will have the occasional joint. And yes Chainsmokers since day 1!          

What software do you use for your music production or is it a mix of a few?  

We produce out of ableton but use all sorts of different VSTs              

What are your favourite plug ins at the moment or do you mainly use more analog sounds now that you have your MOOG?                                  

We do have a MOOG and its unbelievable! We will never use anything else for our basslines. As for other plugins we would be lying if we said NExxus wasnt one of our aces, but also guitar amp is great…

What is your process in making a song? 

We have been getting that question a lot lately and there isnt one answer. Ideally we have a vocal first but thats not always the case… So we would say you cannot force creativity, you might have an idea for a melody or a hook or a sound in mind and those are the moments you need to record and go! but it doesnt always start from the same place…

What are your favourite songs (most satisfying sounds) within the last fortnight?

Lucian x Remmi –  Bobbi K 

Jai Wolf indian – Summer

The Weekend – I cant feel my face

Who are your favourite artists at the moment? I saw in a recent interview you are big fans of Filious and Oh Wonder like us.

Yes we definitely are… The Weeknd is great, Halsey, slander, just to name a few…

Where do you find inspiration?  

Everywhere! As we mentioned… creatiivty is fleeting, you cant and shouldnt force it… we dont mean be lazy, you want to foster it but you cant force yourself to make art and expect to love it… so we just do stuff we enjoy, mix it up, always jump between genres and interests and you will always be inspired…       

What are the key things you make sure are perfect before a release of a song? I am a big fan of all of your artwork for your songs

Well the artwork as you mentioned, and thank you! You want to have a concise story about the song, not fake just an idea of what this song means to you, hopefully someone willing to premiere it and thats really it…

What advice would you give a young producers/ what did you learn the most getting to where you are now? 

We werent formally trained musicians or producers… we played various instruments growing up but we didnt go to production school… that doesnt mean you shouldnt either, but you can learn from everywhere, youtube is an excellent source of learning and really played a huge role in our development as producers.

Keep up to date with the blog, we have some exciting interviews to come!


Interview – Kizmet

Recently stumbled upon a Kizmet Song called daydreamer which we all really liked. Luckily Kizmet wanted to do an interview with us so here are some questions we asked!

Q1. When did you start making music?

“About 7 years ago, towards the end of 2006, my cousin introduced me to Sony Acid 5… Or 6, I don’t remember exactly haha. I spent a good month on it, totally obsessed with making anything that sounded somewhat musical with any samples I could find! Eventually I stumbled across Fruity Loops after searching through some music production blogs. That’s when I truly started to realize just how endless and amazing the world of sounds and production were. I was hooked!”

Q2. How do you start a new track?

“I never start a song knowing its direction, so usually by finding a sound that sparks an image or scene in my head of anything ethereal. From there, it just depends on how I’m feeling as to how I start, so I try to use that to my advantage and start off a different way each time, that way I know it’ll come out unique to the song before it.”

Q3. What program do you use?

“I use FL Studio 10. Its fantastic! So easy to quickly throw down ideas and keep the flow feels flowing.”

Q4. Top 5 artists at the moment?

“That’s a tough one! But in no order,
Daisuke Tanabe
Com Truise
Caravan Palace”

Q5. If you could play any festival where would you play?

“I would love to play somewhere like Coachella someday. It seems to be able to catch the perfect mood and setting for just about all its artists. However right now, Splendor in the Grass for sure! I think the laid back/care free feel is something unrivaled worldwide.”

Q6. What’s your favourite plugin?

“Another difficult call, but probably Absynth for its ‘other worldly’ and just out right strange sounds it can create. I love it!”

Q7. Why the name Kizmet?

“I wanted a name that reflected the purpose and image of the music. Something that made the listening experience a little deeper for the audience. Kizmet (originally spelt ‘kismet) means inevitable fate or destiny, a tone I try to portray in all of my music.
In a nutshell I guess its that sense of ‘whatever this right now, this is it, so let go and come along for the ride’ haha.”


Interview with La+ch

We recently linked up with canadian artist La+ch based in toronto whose latest song ‘Nights‘ caught our attention. We chatted with him about music, inspiration, programs, Canada and the band name.

How did you come up with the name La + ch?

I am a believer of holiness; however when I got kicked out the church I chopped the end of the cross off. still am a believer but didn’t appreciate/respect how I got degraded from the CHURCH. La+ch is also an automation term in producing because i like to use a stifling amount of automation.

How did you get into music/ how long have you been Producing for?

I’v Been makin music for many years, been woodshedding on drums & piano, but not until recently have I started to sing. Im really into melodies. some would say I’m not much of a WORDIST, more of a melody boy.

Who are the artists that influence your music the most?

Buddy Rich, Dr. Luke, Oliver, Flume.

What’s your favorite program to use/ favorite plugin?

I produce on Logic Pro 9 & Logic Pro X. FAV plugin is TROAT cuz it sounds more PONZI.

What’s it like producing in Canada compared to other countries? Do you find it challenging ever?

not really sure I kinda just vibe in my own room and/or create in my studio at sideways. Producing nowadays is pretty sick cuz you can do it anywhere. Toronto has a lot of people who need BEATS so that’s KOSHER.

Favorite city in Canada to play in?


If you could have a club residency anywhere in the world where would it be?

Prob some weird VEGASish type place or somewhere where a casino is near by.

Hope you enjoyed the interview and here are some more songs from la+ch